Winter Fragrance

Fragrance… The Fashion of the Future?

For me fragrance changes with the seasons in the year, like fashion or any other trend for that matter. But unlike any other trend fragrance is the ‘unknown’ too many. People don’t follow fragrance like they would fashion. This is for one reason only. They don’t understand it and instead of jumping in and learning about the vast spectrum of fragrance they stay with that they are comfortable with. However over the recent years people’s interest in fragrance has developed and knowledge has changed and I can almost guarantee you that soon enough people will shop fragrance like a new pair of shoes each season needing a refresh, something that makes the statement they are looking to make. Because once you understand what you truly like the possibilities are endless.

Tea For Two - L’artisan Perfumer

Cinnamon, Black Tea and Tobacco - Is it just me or does that sound like winter in a bottle? The perfect balance of each note makes this fragrance like nothing else I have ever smelt before. Found in Harrods, L’artisan Perfumer is a truly exquisite brand offering fragrances that unique they almost become bespoke, as I can guarantee nobody else you know has ever smelt fragrance like this.

If it’s not clear fragrance is incredibly important to me. It is that final finesse as I leave the house, which completes my outfit and makes me feel ready to take on the day. When choosing a fragrance this is what I look for something that portrays confidence and sophistication. This isn't written on the bottle and only you can say whether a fragrance emotes the emotions you are looking for. So next time you are in the market for a fragrance, ask yourself. What am I trying to say? Once you know the answer go out and get it.