Fly In Style.


Traveling can be stressful at the best of times, especially when you are uncomfortable. 

Getting from A - B is never glamorous, especially when your on a budget and that first class treatment you so desperately desire is nowhere in sight.

When you are planning your outfit you have to think quick and easy. From waking up to security to boarding your flight, you are forever undressing and redressing yourself if you don't plan your outfit perfectly. 

My first rule, when it comes to your outfit of choice, is have shoes that you can easily slip on and off as it's still common to be asked to remove your shoes at security. Which we all know is stressful enough without the added stress of having to redress yourself infront of a queue of ever moving people just aching to get through to duty free. 

Another way to convey style and confidence is to be neutral in your colour choices, because lots of colour can be hard for your fellow passengers to digest, especially if you are on an early morning flight.

When choosing the main body of your outfits you want to plan for your destination, because trust me there is nothing worse than having to strip upon arrival at your destination and lug all of your excess clothing around the arrivals. For this outfit I went with a pair of cropped trousers from Topman with a black and white floral print shirt from H&M. This outfit did everything I needed. It was light, and most of all comfortable.

Almost as important as your outfit, your hand luggage needs to have enough space and also be easy to access. Mine is from the Aylesbury collection, from Smith and Canova, which is the perfect size for the overhead locker and being able to keep all of your essentials with you all times. 

Now it's time to sit back, with a G&T and enjoy your flight. 

Be sure to let me know your travel tips in the comments below.