Skincare Inspirations - IV

A sense of repair.

Repair - verb - restore (something damaged, faulty, or worn) to a good condition.

To repair. Repairing isn't something you can force with a product. Your skin is an organ and repairs itself however there is no harm in helping it along the way. The key thing to remember here is. A lot of damage to the skin can become permanent very quickly so it is vital to allow your skin to repair itself when it's damaged. 

Healgel Intensive 


So alot of you will be thinking "Healgel"? What a gimmick. However this is possibly one of the best skincare products that I have found this year, that has really allowed me to see a change in my skin. To apply I just pump 2 pumps into my moisturiser morning and night, it is as simple as that. Personally I began to see a result after about 3 weeks of use. Definitely something that I will be repurchasing.

Anthony Ingrown Hair Treatment


So Anthony is a relatively new brand to me and I am by no means saying that all their products are bad. Personally with this product I have noticed that depending on when you apply this product you will see different results. The instructions say "apply after shaving apple to the effected area AM & PM". So I followed and applied the product to the effected area after shaving. I would not describe my skin as sensitive, however upon applying directly after shaving you get a bit of a sting and personally experienced some irration. Overall I have seen some improvements but only using the product in the evening. 

I have decided to do STAR ratings on each product I test 1 STAR being that it was ok and I wouldn't recommend to 5 STAR which is essentially me asking why you don't have it already.

Be sure to let me know what products have been inspiring you and what products I should be trying next. In the comments below. 

Happy Saturday! 


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