Nine Skincare Secrets

"Your skin is sooo good! What do you do?"

1 - Do Your Research!

 Skincare is super personal, so doing research into the products that you purchase is key! By reading, watching and asking questions you can really begin to understand your skin and what it needs. Also, ensure that you can sample a product beforehand to see if it works because there is no point getting a product that doesn't work. 

2 - Have a Routine! #CTM

I say this ALL of the time but have a routine for no other reason than you skin adores it. You can have a simple or elaborate routine it is totally up to you. Personally I 'get' my skin and have a routine which reflects it's profile. However, you can just cleanse - tone - moisturise and that be it.

"So why these three important steps?"


If it wasn't obvious we cleanse to clean(se) our skin. It's in the title. Whether this is in the morning or night cleansing your skin helps to remove excess dirt and product from your skin from the day or the night before. 


In my opinion, this is the most important part of your skincare routine. Toner helps to close your pores add moisture and soothe your skin. Toning also helps remove any excess cleanser and bacteria from your skin.


The Final step is to create a barrier. Moisturiser is made to do just that. The barrier from a moisturiser adds moisture, prevents pollution and bacteria getting to your skin and also sinks deep into the skin to ensure your new skin cells are hydrated and ready to go. If you don't want to add steps to your routine find a product with an SPF to further protect your skin. 

3 -Change Your Pillow Cases!

This is talked about all of the time, but pillow cases are full of bacteria and if you want cleaner, healthier skin this is a step you NEED to take. Think about it this way you spend 8 ish hours a day with your face planted in bacteria. You wouldn't but your face in the dirt for 8 hours would you? So DON'T sleep in it. 

4 - H2O!  

Water - good old H2O. Again this one is nothing you didn't know already, however SO important. Drinking 2 litres plus of water a day helps your body to flush out toxins and keeps you hydrated, which keeps your skin looking hydrated too.

5 - ICE! 

Ice has been used for decades to reduce swelling and get rid of redness. So why don't we use ice on our face more? To do the exact same thing as it would do with a swollen ankle. Using ice on your face once a week helps to reduce puffiness and firm your skin.


So a lot of people purchase skincare to correct damage to their skin that has already happened. However, most skincare is made as a preventative to stop the damage occurring in the first place. A key example of this is an eye cream. People in the earlier years of their life rarely use eye cream as the don't believe they need it. However, it is quite the opposite because once you begin to need it Is very difficult to rectify the damage that has already been caused. 


This one has to be my favourite! A lot of people use diffusers to fragrance their home, myself, on the other hand, uses my Muji aroma diffuser with the skincare serum to infuse the air as I sleep with luxurious skincare and essential oils.


Once you have a routine in place you may find that the products that you are using "stop working" (they haven't) they are just maintaining your skin at one level. At this point, you need to start looking at TARGETED SKINCARE finding products that work on specific problems that you want to address.