Monochrome - OOTD

Monochrome OOTD


With the weather still being as good as it is, this is the perfect Summer transition look to ensure your wardrobe is ready for the Autumn/Winter season. 

I wore this outfit out shopping the other day and my favourite part of it all is that it is so simple, yet sophisticated at the same time. Nothing in this outfit is expensive or uncomfortable and it transitions into an evening outfit effortlessly, by just switching out the white T for a white shirt instead. Simple. 

The beautiful thing about wearing trousers and a smart shoe with any casual look is that it makes the outfit more visually dynamic. As I say outfits like this are perfect for the season change because with a simple switch of shoe, to a nice boot and the addition of a jacket you are ready for fall. 

Wearing this look I felt super confident and it was nice to see people stopping to checking out my outfit as I shopped.

Be sure to let me know what you love to wear in the transition from Summer to Autumn, in the comments below.