Carry On Essentials

The Essentials

Here are some essentials that I believe that any well-travelled individual should have in their carry on. I always carry; my iPhone, iPad, sunglasses, digital camera, power bank and a fragrance.

Your phone is a given, who in this day and age can live without it? Because I know I can't. 

As a blogger this is essential to my everyday life. I love to use my iPad to read through my feeds, edit and post as well as watch some Netflix at 35,000ft.   

  • Sunglasses

I've never been one for spending on sunglasses. My newest favourite are from Zara, which fit my face perfectly and come in a lovely faux leather case. 

In all honestly I don't really use my digital camera unless I need to take some more detailed shots or require a more precise zoom. But I do love to use this camera to film my Youtube videos.

My power bank has saved my life on more than one occasion with the ability to change my iPhone twice, fully. I got this when on a flight over 9 years ago now and it still gets me through the day to this day and even has a second port so you can change two devices at once.

This new release from Penhaligon's has recently been added to my collection and is by far one of my favourites. Especially with it's iconic lid and stunning notes of Pink Pepper, Orris and Sandalwood. Sounds amazing right?

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