5 Men’s Lifestyle Blogs You Should Be Reading

Justin Livingston

NYC | Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel

J Liv! Where do I start?

So if you know me at all you know that this guy is literally the reason I write this blog! Back in 2015 I stumbled across Scout Sixteen and fell in love with its direct, authentic, playful approach to blogging which isn’t taxing to the reader. Justin unapologetically talks about a mens lifestyle, fashion & travel, making it something to be proud of and embrace always encouraging his readers to think outside of the box.

The first post I ever read was called ‘The Way We Met’ so simple but sent me devouring through as many posts as I possibly could. That evening after getting lost in the blog Perfect-Reflection.com was born.

Jordan Bunker

Leicester, UK | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

Firstly we share the same name so I was immediately obsessed with Jordan. That is not 100% true, but we do share the same name.

I actually was looking at rebranding Perfect-Reflection.com, which I later decided not to do as I still believed in why I named the blog PR. However, looking for inspiration, I was searching for blog that was fun, interactive and just made you want to keep reading and JordanBunker.uk defiantly does that. Jordan has beautifully crafted a brand out of his own name and developed a very distinct look and feel to all of his work. I admire the pride and time that he took in everything he created.

The first post I read on Jordan’s blog is called ‘Finding balance in London’ and it was just that “the perfect balance” just enough text to read and really connect with Jordan. Along with a story of images which really allows you to imagine a day in the life on Jordan Bunker.

Adam Gallagher

NYC | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

Having dreamt of living in NYC my entire life I often get lost searching for ways for a Londoner like myself to pack up and head to the another “big city”. Back in 2015 in a blackhole called the internet I stumbled across “my NYC Apartment Makeover” and being seriously into NYC and interior design I had to give it a read.

From there I was hooked! I just kept reading. Sadly these days Adam doesn't post as much however, he does have one KILLER Instagram feed and posts on his blog once a month.

Marcel Floruss

NYC | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel

Also known as One Dapper Street I firstly found Marcel on YouTube watching “Putting together a timeless, classic look with a sporty twist”. Yeah I already know you’re laughing that I searched for ‘sporty’ look. I do NOT know what I was thinking. However if I'm serious the I was probably hooked for the first three and a half minutes because of his killer abs. I know so thirsty! #sorrynotsorry

But seriously Marcel is super easy going and presents mens fashion and lifestyle in such an accessible way. This allowed me as someone relatively new to the blogosphere to connect and put together looks of my own on little to no budget. My favourite feature of ODS is the ‘Style It’ feature where you can narrow the posts down based on season, occasion, colour and every other attribute of your outfit.

Miguel Madrid & Gabriel Garcia

CUP OF COUPLE! Do I need to say anymore? How cute is the name of their blog?

For me Miguel and Madrid run the Vogue of blogs. They cover everything! Truly inspirational. Honestly I have only been a reader for about a month now and I don’t see any sign of me loosing interest. Their blog is like that Netflix series that you just never want to end. However unlike a Netflix series this seems to never end and just when you think you have caught up with everything they post more quality content.

Jordan Simpson

London, England | Lifestyle, Fashion & Grooming

So since you’ve made it this far I thought I would only be fair to include myself! I started Perfect-Reflection.com in Fall of 2015 and was so inspired by all the content I was finding online.

I’m often asked about the name of the blog and how I came up with it, so I thought I would tell you now.

The name for the blog came to me after a conversation with my grandfather where he told me “your imperfections make you perfect” with this PR was born based on the fact that we may all have imperfections but that’s pretty perfect but sometimes you just have to reflect a little to see who you really are.