A year to date

11am, September 1st, 2014 - The first day of the rest of my life.

That did not sound as dramatic in my head... I promise.

A year ago from this date I packed my bags and moved 300 miles away, from everything I knew. 

So, where do I begin I arrived in London at 11:39am and god was I sleepy, after 6 hours on a coach. But this was all too exciting this place was my new home... That day I signed the contract on my house and moved in, sleeping on the floor and eating takeout and drinking wine with my new housemate, a total stranger at this point. But who wasn't? 

Looking back this past year has been crazy! I have done some crazy things and met some of the most inspiring people in the world. All of them strangers, at first, and now they are some of my closest friends. 

When you move to a city like London you get asked a lot of questions, by everyone any anyone who you possibly knows where you live. Tourists, family, friends, anyone who does not live there wants to know the "secret" of how we all do it! To this day I don't know the "secret". Personally, I think it depends on the type of person you are. I'm an extrovert and I think that's why this city works so well for me! I feed off the energy of others and rely on the people around me for inspiration. 

One of the questions I get a lot is. "What does living in a city like London do to you?"

This is a question I don't think many people know how to answer. What does it do to you? I think the answer is totally different for everyone. 

Take me for example. I adore this city and I called it my home almost instantly and that just felt right. London has given me the space to grow and become "my true self" whatever that is... I'm not sure if I would call it that, but being here alone having to grow and pursue different opportunities on my own has definitely made me more confident. It has also given the freedom to be myself and express myself in my own way. Whether this is physically or psychologically, I'm free...

London gives me that.

That ability to walk out my front door wearing whatever I like and to feel confident doing so. 

That feeling of endless opportunity around every corner.

That Freedom that everyone dreams of to just do what they want. 

That happiness that we all deserve.

So I ask you this, can you honestly look at yourself and say "I'm right where I am supposed to be". If the answer is no you're the only one who can change it. Maybe you don't know just yet. But challenge yourself to explore and grow where you are right now and maybe that will give you your answer.

One year on I could not be happier, here's to another.


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