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LifestyleJordan Simpson

Twenty Two... 

Where do you begin? For me its the first time that I have actually felt like an adult. Writing this I'm still twenty one, but unlike last year where I felt this eager need to be a year older this year I don't, I feel - 'different' almost unprepared... Probably because people expect you to get your sh*t together. 


Throughout the years something that I have witnessed is that we all change. If not always for the better, we are all forever changing, growing and learning as we explore and live our lives each day. Now twenty two looking back I want to share with you some of the things I learnt at twenty one. 

Things I learnt at 21...

  1. Haters are going to hate. - Sadly this is an undeniable fact and you can't control what they think or say about you. Throughout this past year I have learn't to love myself.
  2. Follow your passions. - Passions and dreams sometimes get left behind for other "more important" things as we need focus on like work or relationships. However I cannot stress to you enough how important it is too follow existing passions and discover new ones along the way. 
  3. Letting go. - To let go of anything can be truly terrifying. But sometimes it is needed, not just physical things sometimes you have to say goodbye to the people who are going to bring you down too. 
  4. Make time for those who matter. - People who care about you, I mean truly care about you, don't come along everyday. They are a rare breed of people who are both humble and selfless. Because of this once you find one, grab them with both hands and never let go, making time for them as they would for you. 
  5. Take a day off. - So anyone who knows me will tell you I am a total workaholic! Which is true, however I have to say recently I have seen the importance from taking a step back and just letting go a little. Because otherwise you never stop.
  6. Be patient. - Life is short, however somethings you simply just have to wait. 

Here's to being another year older.

and wiser...