7 Brilliant Ways To Stay On Trend

7 Brilliant Ways To Stay On Trend

Staying on 'trend' is a b***h right? 

Staying on trend is possibly one of the hardest things to do. In a world full of new trends set and enforced by social media keeping up can be tough. It is impossible to be 'on trend' all of the time, however, there is some amazing platform that will keep you in the know. So you know whether to still #YOLO or not. (don't do that) 

- ONE - 

Social Media. This is possibly one of the most underestimated, however, informative sources available. Web sites such as; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all set a president for what is 'on trend' by making these trends part of everyday life. Using tags such as #OOTD making sharing fashion a part of everyday life.

- TWO- 

Good old fashioned magazine. Magazine's such as GQ, Vouge, and Esquire are always on top of everything that is on trend. The easiest way to access these magazines is via Apple News on your iPhone where you can also find Perfect-Reflection.com. 


Follow your favourite brands online on their websites because they always show the current trends on the homepage. Some of my favourites to check out are J.Crew, All Saints and Urban Outfitters

- FOUR -

Be a people watcher. In a totally none creepy way watch people and see what you see. Often the biggest trends, you will see out and about on the high street. 

- FIVE -

If it wasn't obvious blogs are one of the BEST ways to keep on top of current trends. Like the really cool site Perfect-Reflection.com. Us as bloggers make it our duty to ensure that we are presenting you guys with the latest trends and giving you that little bit more with our opinion too.

- SIX -

Arguably one of the most annoying things to do. However, window shopping is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you stay on trend. As stores are always updating their windows to ensure they reflect the current trends. 


Just be you. I know a lot of my posts end on this, however, a trend is a trend, not a requirement and probably without realising it you are following the trends because it's human nature that's what we do.